About This Course

Prenatal visits are a routine part of how doulas work with their clients. But do you know what to do in a prenatal visit to make them the most useful for you and your clients?

This course prepares birth and postpartum doulas with concepts and skills to conduct powerful prenatal visits that make serving your clients easier, and help avoid many of the challenges that arise during birth and postpartum.

Incorporating videos, handouts, instructions, and downloadable tools, students will learn what topics to cover in visits, how to structure visits to achieve the primary purpose of these visits, which communication skills will yield the best results, and how to determine what skills, information and tools their clients need to meet their goals.

Included in the course are:
- prenatal visit map
- client intake forms
- topic checklists
- templates and forms
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This course covers:

The four primary purposes of a prenatal visit

How to build rapport with clients

Communication Grid - 20 communication skills to facilitate different outcomes

How to conduct a Gap Analysis to support your clients' goals and needs

Case studies using the gap analysis process

How to practice these skills before a real client visit

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