About this training

This course prepares doulas and other birth professionals with the understanding and skills to prepare a placenta for ingestion postpartum.

Incorporating videos, slide presentation, and handouts, students will learn about the properties of the human placenta, the history and science of consuming one’s placenta, the potential benefits of ingesting placenta capsules in the postpartum period, and the concepts behind the Traditional Chinese Medicine preparation.

Special emphasis is placed on safe handling & storage of placentas, proper disinfecting techniques, and guidelines for setting up your placenta encapsulation work area.

Course Curriculum

This course covers:

Research on the effects and benefits of placentophagy (consumption of placenta);

The Scope of Practice of placenta encapsulators;

Policies and regulations for taking a placenta from a hospital;

Requirements for safe handling and disposal of human tissue;

How to properly disinfect equipment and preparation areas;

How to determine where it is best for you and your clients to have their placenta prepared;

Where to get equipment and supplies for placenta encapsulation;

Demonstration of the complete preparation process of a real placenta using the Traditional Chinese Medicine process.

How to market and provide this service to clients;

Additional uses of the placenta will also be discussed

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