How I wish I had this course...

I started my doula business in 2001. There weren't a lot of doulas back then, and I was a die-hard DIYer. So I had to learn how to start a business the hard way...

I built my own website, typed up my own forms, scheduled appointments by phone or email, made flyers and business cards and brochures... there were no scheduling systems, Vista prints, or Wixes back then!

I made so many mistakes, and wanted to help my doula students avoid them. So I created Jump Start Your Doula Business in 2017, a 12-month, in person course.

Now, this course is available to anyone, anywhere so you can access the same great information from my in-person course - plus the structure, guidance, and community that makes it all come alive - from your own home, and at your own pace.
  • Everything you want... and need!

    In this self-paced mentorship program, you will get tools and guidance for every aspect of your business. Want to work on your business plan? We've got the template for that! Want to prepare for a prenatal visit? Use the handy checklist! Need to debrief what happened at a birth? Start talking (on our facebook group). Everything from branding, to marketing, to interview skills, to self-care, will be covered. And so much more.

  • What do you get?

    Thirty online modules that cover all aspects of starting and running a successful and sustainable business ($497 value)

    Specialized planning and action tools ($297 value)

    Customized homework to help you power through any obstacles ($197 value)

    Private facebook group for asking questions, networking, and receiving on-going support - facilitated by me personally ($297 value)

    Total value = $1,288

    Your price = $297

  • Don't Wait!

    The world is waiting for you! This is a compassionate, heart-centered, abundance-driven mentorship program that will nourish you, embrace you, encourage you, and bring out the best in you so you can take all your goodness into the world. Please do yourself this favor. Don’t let yourself struggle to get started as a doula. And if you do decide to go it alone, and then meet obstacle after obstacle, please come back here to get the support you need.

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